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Seiko Astron High-Intensity Titanium SBXA003/SAST003 Watch


Seiko Astron High-Intensity Titanium SBXA003/SAST003 WatchThe single aspect that makes the Seiko Astron win over the rest in the watch domain is it understands the time zones. That’s correct, travel anywhere in the world and you are freed from the burden of setting the time manually; you don’t even need to push buttons! The GPS connectivity ends your search for totally precise time.

It is an authentic, low-energy-consumption technology that runs the internal GPS signal receiver (underneath the bezel) and patented under Seiko’s own name. The GPS signals help identifying time zones and the time and date are set according to this new-age timekeeping technology. Seems it’s the most intelligent watch till date. It’s solar powered, has a perpetual calendar and it drips innovation from its every detail!

The high-intensity Titanium version is one among the 2,500 limited edition pieces; these also come with ceramic bezels. Launched in commemoration of the first Seiko Astron, this time it comes lighter and stronger than all its previous versions; the stainless steel strap not being able to affect it greatly.

The Seiko Watches For Mens sports a dual time sub-dial; it also sports an in-flight mode indicator and is topped with a sapphire crystal that has a Super-Clear Coating to cut down reflection by 99%. Those who are wondering what an in-flight mode indicator might mean are asked to hold a little patience; we’ll cover it in due time. Let’s focus on the aesthetics for the time being.

The Astron – to say the least – comprises an elegant dial with high legibility, a much required feature considering the rich amount of information it displays. The availability of the GPS signals or a lack of it is one of them; it displays - at the push of the button at 10 o’clock position - whether the watch received a GPS signal and the number of satellites the signal came from. Apart from that, you can also see if the Daylight Saving Time is on or not. It is innovation, complete with refinement and symbolized by everything that is Seiko!

The biggest plus point of the Seiko Watches Australia is despite its sharp looks, it looks very subtle, which grants it an access as much to stiff-upper-lip situations as wild party nights.

The power system of the Seiko Automatic Watches Australia is bit different from the rest of the solar-powered watches. The integrated circuit is designed to protect the battery by utilizing a back-up, so that varying intensities of the light do not interrupt a consistent flow of charge. This increases the battery life excellently.

Now, to the in-flight mode indicator. It simply denotes that the GPS reception is turned off, which usually occurs when you are in a flight. It comes handy when time-zone is adjusted manually.

At the end, it is a great deal of joy wearing this intelligent watch also because it is also zero on maintenance.


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