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Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch


Seiko 5 Mens WatchThose who have put on the Map Meter watch on their wrists for a while couldn’t get off this big and thick, outstanding field equipment. Obviously, this is not the crowd to whom thickness is an issue.

Right from the first, the Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch impresses; it grows into fondness within no time. Those who have worn the Atlas before shall admire it all the more; the Map Meter is actually a much improved Atlas with a bigger case, a nicer polish and a brushed finish way better than the Atlas’ matt finish. The Map Meter also has a two-layered dial which the Atlas didn’t. All of them together make the Map Meter fly out of retail stores whenever new stocks arrive. You got to be prompt if you need to pick one up.

The uniqueness of the Map Meter is it’s a true contender to the ‘Dive’ concept. Just like the Dive watches are meant for the waters, this one is made exclusively for the land. True, you can use its compass for navigational purposes while sailing (it has a water resistance rating of 200m), but its actual feature – the Map Meter - is for measuring distances on the maps when you are hopping terrain. If you are comparing it to a Online Discount Watches Australia, don’t. You can’t entrust your life on it amidst the open waters. But on vast stretches of open land, it has no parallel.

The Map Meter’s crowns are guarded by plastic crown guards that are securely fastened with screws to the sides. Why not metal? Reasons are that they help reduce weight, provide extra shock protection, add character to the watch (from a design standpoint) and help to keep the cost down. The caseback is also surrounded by a plastic ring of which, the crown guards are an extension. That’s a one-piece plastic construction offering more rigidity than three separate pieces and ensures a lasting as long as the watch.

The crown is a screw-in and has the 5 logo on it, with a knurled bezel to aid a smooth operation. Unlike Discount watches for Mens Australia, it’s bi-directional and doesn’t click upon rotating.

As for the lume, the lumibrite is gleefully bright on the hands but more subdued on the markers; however, the brightness from the hands makes it up nicely.

So, would you be buying one given an option? You bet; if you are the kind of person who travels by road a lot, have a penchant for the grounds less trodden or in the habit of picking a direction rather than a destination, you won’t believe the ways the Discount Watches for Mens can save your day!


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