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Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch


Nautica Mens WatchIt’s been a little more than 20 years that the Nautica clothing company started manufacturing watches that are distinctive in style and unique in design. They blended classic American style to the latest in technical innovation and ever since, quality and precision became the brand’s tradition.

Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch represents a classic style through superb craftsmanship and makes it a suitable accessory for almost all social and corporate settings with a value that definitely outweighs the money you spend.

There are watches and there are watches with standout styles. The Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch falls into the second category. It is the kind that introduces a formerly unseen and unmatched style to just any wardrobe and while its definitely not an example of Swiss watch-crafting, it is a timeless, sophisticated piece in its own way.

The Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch is going to be a favourite for them with a fascination for metal bracelets. It’s all stainless steel, with a stationary bezel with minute markings etched on it. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement with day, date and a 24-hour time indicator. It’s understood that you are not a perpetual cave dweller but it comes handy when you are setting the date. Overall, all that make for a stylish, classic and contemporary design, for which you do not have to mortgage your soul. Nautica showcases its mastery in the fine art of watchmaking through the Mens Watches Australia.

The primary aspect that makes the Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch a favourite among the masses is it is low on maintenance while with a proven track record of efficiency and longevity. Its oversized, stainless steel case features a bold design, which is a much sought after aspect in the world of fashionable watches today. To match, there’s a silver-toned dial; its large size adding to its readability. Topping it is a mineral crystal glass that ensures maximum scratch resistance. All that result in preserving its good looks even after years of the purchase.

The Online Watches Australia is elegant enough for the social events and sophisticated enough to double up as a corporate wear. Even if you are planning to head the pool party straight from the office on a Friday, its high-grade of water resistance shall keep you worry free while you dip in the pool, drool, play water sports or even go snorkelling.

It is useful, stylish; inexpensive and looks good; do you need anything else to put down as a criterion for choice? The Men’s Watches Australia has them all; keep your other expensive watches within the box and wear this one without the fear of damage.


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