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Luminox Sea Colormark Chronograph 3080 Series A3081 Mens Watch


Luminox Sea Colormark Chronograph 3080 Series A3081 Mens WatchLuminox earned its name and fame as the official watch supplier to the US Navy seals and the Air force. So it goes without saying that Luminox watches are more than capable of handling the harshest of conditions and environments any given moment. Luminox specialises in creating for the active consumer, so whether you are associated with extreme sports, law enforcement or military operations, there’s always a Luminox waiting for you!

Luminox has several advantages compared to other watches. Firstly, it’s the round-the-clock glow and the Discount Watches Australia 3080 Series A3081 Mens Watch is no exception to this rule. Its self-powered illumination system being the secret behind; there are very small, borosilicate glass capsules containing Tritium gas that emits radioactive Hydrogen ions and that’s what brings the glow! And it will for 25 years approximately, at a stretch, unlike ordinary luminescence that requires another light source to absorb the energy first. It’s also many more times brighter than the ordinary illumination systems.

Rugged and robust, the Colormark Chronograph 3080 Series A3081 Discount Watches Online is simple in its built and functions, without the gimmickries of radio/atomic control or some other eye-candy; it’s built for hardcore professionals to whom, missing a second might mean a question of life and death.

Lovingly called the 3081 Blackout Chronograph, so far, it has generated some very positive comments that can’t help but make you hold it in high regards. This particular series of Luminox Watches Online are equally at ease on the land, in midair and also under the sea. A choice for the elite Special Forces around the world, it’s precision and durability are of the highest standards possible. Rely on the Luminox Watches for Mens at the most adverse of conditions and it’s guaranteed you’ll come out with flying colours. The built in chronograph allows for tracking every second without missing a single one and its super-strong, carbon-reinforced, polymer case keeps things light and breezy. That’s to say, much less than two ounces.

So finally, a quick view on all the points that made the Luminox Watches a hit among the elite and the tough:

a. Chronograph: Keeps count of every second that pass.
b. Durability and comfort: Kudos to the rubber and silicone strap and a case built in hardened, carbon reinforced polymer.
c. Unidirectional bezel: Works as a timer for practically anything you do.
d. Protected crown: Prevents accidental fluctuation of time settings.
e. Mineral glass crystal: Specially hardened for an incredible durability.
f. Water resistance: Go down till 200 meters and you’ll tell the story with a smiling face.
Ronda 5030.D movement: Swiss-made; therefore, of an unrivalled quality and delivers unparalleled precision.


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