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Orient Mako in Discount watches for Womens Australia


Extremely Reliable and Affordable Orient Mako Automatic watches

Some love the Orient Mako simply because it’s totally Japanese; some for its in-house movements and some for its affordability, which all boils down to the same thing – All these people admire high-end technology, exclusivity and inexpensiveness and often with features that turn a boring job fun.


For example, in certain Orient Mako-s, you don’t pull the crown out...


Extensive and Superlative Orient Diver's Automatic Watches

The watch market is full of automatic diver's watches, but the superlative Orient Diver's Automatic watches are a cut above the rest. The extensive range of the Orient Mako series is by far the most popular among watch enthusiasts and collectors alike. And, rightly so - the Orient Mako, besides the affordable price, is a great looking watch that can be worn on a swim or at a...