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Bulova Chronograph Silver Dial Mens Watches


Bulova Mens WatchBroad categorizing yields two types of watches – those with the finesse and those that aren’t. The first category further subdivides into those designed to go beyond the point of exhaustion, till the point of maximum exhaustion or an example of finely crafted exoticism. Rarely they come together and this one is definitely one among them in affordable luxury.

The popularity of analog Bulova watches went up several notches with the increasing sophistication and refinement in consumer-preferred designs and watch manufacturers like the Bulova Watch Company gave their all to achieve incredible sophistication without curbing down either precision or style. Their commitment towards creating fine watches shows through the 96B201; it’s not easy giving a classic form to sporty elements and still make it look good and sophisticated enough for a formal wedding. You can call it high-impact in a way, if you consider the modern detailing that added a truly timeless appeal and lifted it to the status of a designer accessory.

Certainly, you won’t wear it to the mountaineering club unless it’s a gala extravaganza in wines and on-the-rocks or at the shooting range but then again, very much so if you are slinging a vintage SXS. This is one of the few that dazzles with nobility yet ready to face the toughest of wars. A bad boy with a gleaming, charming face, this one is close to being a limited edition watch and you’ll later regret if you are not getting one right now.

Everybody knows it; still, a quick recap: Bulova Chronograph Watch is into the thing for almost a century and a half, keeping the proud stance intact throughout. Currently under Japanese undertaking (Citizen Watch Australia), it started in Lower Manhattan (1875) by Joseph Bulova, a fresh Czech immigrant in his early twenties. The brand-logo was a tuning fork (Why? That’s another story), which is no more due to a recent redesign. Whether things are better with it or was when the prong showed is a matter of personal choice but this Bulova dress chronograph is more than just an emblem.

The traditional styling got roots into the late 19th and early 20th centuries; the sophisticated charm coming from the high-end build quality in top-of-the-line materials. An air of Magnificence makes this a dress watch through and through, but doesn’t cut down on utility. The chronograph is a complete one with a functional tachymeter scale

What’s surprising about this watch is the way it offers and creates the very base of dressing styles with respect to every occasion. Meticulous craftsmanship meets an original, innovative design and has been created to suit any hour of the day or around it.

However, the biggest reason behind buying this is: The 96B201 is unique and different at the same time! Check out more watches at Discount Discount Women’s Online Watches Australia.


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